Thumb Jackpot Showmanship

Showmanship is more than entering the show arena during the fair or livestock show.  It includes all the hard work that exhibitors put into their project from the first day they purchase their animal.  Showmanship is defined as the ability to present your animal to the best of it’s genetic ability and involves knowing the basic skills of the show ring, while bringing attention to the animal’s strengths and minimizing the animal’s weaknesses.  Many factors enter into the equation for a successful showman, including halter breaking, nutrition, time at home, skill of the showman, and daily care and grooming.  All the hard work done throughout the project will be worthwhile on show day!


Year Grand Reserve
1992 Deanna Scrimger Kevin Kerbyson
1993 Jon Stewart Terry DeLong
1994 Brandon Schroeder Jon Stewart
1995 Michelle Meiburg Jon Stewart
1996 Katie Straight Sarah LaMarra
1997 Sarah LaMarra Jeannie Grobbel
1998 Paul DeLong Joe DeLong
1999 Joe DeLong Travis Tanton
2000 Jason Wheeler Matt Bechler
2001 Jason Wheeler Jesse Bouck
2002 Brigitte Grobbel Jessica Scrimger
2003 Krissa Thom Melissa Czostowski
2004 Annie Novotney Brigitte Grobbel
2005 Keith Abend Brook Coenen
2006 Brady Rupprecht Ashley Kuschel
2007 Wren Schroeder Ashley Kuschel
2008 Bradley McNary Brady Rupprecht
2009 Brady Rupprecht Katey Patterson
2010 Morgan McKay Bradley McNary
2011 Chad Patterson Jessie Thueme
2012 Chad Patterson Cassandra King
2013 Samatha Colombo Justin Ruggles
2014 Carlie Thueme Brooke Rupprecht
2015 Carlie Thueme Hayley Albrecht
2016 Katelyn Frostic Tommy Purves
2017 Katelyn Frostic Danielle Wood-Seddon


Year Grand Reserve
1992 Jon Stewart Danielle Dumaw
1993 Michelle Meiburg Danielle Dumaw
1994 Melanie Meiburg Michelle Meiburg
1995 Melanie Meiburg Sarah LaMarra
1996 Danielle Kalis Joshua Solon
1997 Sarah Sweeney Joe DeLong
1998 Kip Siegier Brent Whitenight
1999 Jessica Scrimger Mike Shaffer
2000 Bridgette Grobbel Jessica Scrimger
2001 Stephanie Moore Krissa Thom
2002 Sarah Williams Heather Bohn
2003 Sarah Williams Wren Schroeder
2004 Brady Rupprecht Ryan Green
2005 Amy Marcath Brady Rupprecht
2006 Bradley McNary Austin Green
2007 Austin Green Jordan Heiber
2008 Brandi Rupprecht Chelsea Ruggles
2009 Spencer McKay Morgan McKay
2010 Laryssa Bates Spencer McKay
2011 Justin Ruggles Spencer McKay
2012 Kylie Bates Carlie Thueme
2013 Hayley Albrecht Carlie Thueme
2014 Claudia Albrecht Katie Romzek
2015 Claudia Albrecht Josie Kane
2016 Logan Kosinski Marissa Jackson
2017 Heather Berry Josie Kane


Year Grand Reserve
1992 Michelle Meiburg Melanie Meiburg
1993 Celeste Blumerich Melanie Meiburg
1994 Steve DeLong Jeannie Grobbel
1995 Joshua Solon Steve DeLong
1996 Crystal Blumerich Jeff Tessmer
1997 Jessica Scrimger Annie Novotney
1998 Jessica Scrimger Annie Novotney
1999 Bridgette Grobbel Curt Novotney
2000 Curt Novotney Wren Schroeder
2001 Sarah Williams Wren Schroeder
2002 Brady Rupprecht Amy Marcath
2003 Amy Marcath Brady Rupprecht
2004 Bradley McNary Alicia Osentoski
2005 Bradley McNary Austin Green
2006 Jordan Heiber Brandi Rupprecht
2007 Chelsi Greenman Laryssa Bates
2008 Justin Ruggles Alyssa Kociba
2009 Brooke Rupprecht Justin Ruggles
2010 Carlie Thueme Justin Ruggles
2011 Brooke Rupprecht Hayley Albrecht
2012 Hayley Albrecht Claudia Albrecht
2013 Zachary Marcath Blake Schumacher
2014 Laken Polega Logan Kosinski
2015 Aaron Kavanagh Logan Kosinski
2016 Aaron Kavanagh Allison Hawken
2017 Dalaney Bates Ty Goodwin


Year Grand Reserve
1992 James Williams Chelsea Zimba
1993 Joshua Solon James Williams
1994 James Williams James McCrea
1995 James Williams Jessica Scrimger
1996 Jessica Scrimger Holly Vanderlip
1997 Bridgette Grobbel Curt Novotney
1998 Wren Schroeder Curt Novotney
1999 Wren Schroeder Ashley Kuschell
2000 Steven Depcinski Pat Schaffer
2001 Erica Herron Amy Marcath
2002 Brad McNary Arianna Wilcox
2003 Austin Green Brad McNary
2004 Bradi Rupprecht Felicia Marcath
2005 Quinnlinn Daily Chelsea Ruggles
2006 Laryssa Bates Brik Rupprecht
2007 Alan Leslie Jordan Wilczynski
2008 Hayley Albrecht Jordan Wilczynski
2009 Hayley Albrecht Kylie Bates
2010 Hayley Albrecht Claudia Albrecht
2011 Claudia Albrecht Kyle Ruggles
2012 Danielle Wood-Seddon Laken Polega
2013 Amanda Kosal Heather Berry
2014 Heather Berry Brynn Polega
2015 Alex Albrecht Dalaney Bates
2016 Seth Schumacher Dalaney Bates
2017 Grace Shupe Nicole Kavanagh


Year Grand Reserve
1994 Matthew Jahn Brandon VanCamp
1995 Wren Schroeder Sarah Williams
1996 Curt Novotney Sarah Williams
1997 Sarah Williams Wren Schroeder
1998 Michael Stonecipher Ben Warren
1999 Brady Rupprecht Michael Stoncipher
2000 Landon Warren Brandi Rupprecht
2001 Chelsea Ruggles Nathan Green
2002 Landon Warren Brandi Rupprecht
2003 Alan Leslie Quinnlin Daily
2004 Benjamin Goheen Cody Schwartz
2005 Justin Ruggles Brik Rupprecht
2006 Jody Mahaffy Brooke Rupprecht
2007 Hayley Albrecht Carlie Thueme
2008 Claudia Albrecht Amy Thueme
2009 Claudia Albrecht Amy Thueme
2010 Andrew Schapman Austin Shivers
2011 Will Sharrard Amanda Kosal
2012 Tyler Eldridge Jake Delong
2013 Delaney Bates Brynn Polega
2014 Seth Sweeney Delaney Bate
2015 Riley Wallace Nicole Kavanagh
2016 Billy Steely Tanner Schultz
2017 Billy Steely Corbin Sharbowski