4H & FFA Thumb Jackpot Essay Contest

All exhibitors are encouraged to participate in the 4H & FFA Thumb Jackpot Essay Contest.  Topics for the contest are based upon the exhibitor’s age and current affairs within the beef industry.   In 2017, our essay contest was sponsored by Greenstone Farm Credit Services.

Listed below is the questions used for the 2017 Essay Contest:


Senior {4H age as of Jan. 1, 2017} 16 through 19 years.  (1,000 word minimum)

Topic:    Research the Beef Quality Assurance Program.  Write to persuade the reader that all beef/steer exhibitors should be required to become BQA certified and what that certification entails. 

Intermediate {4H age as of Jan. 1, 2016} 13 through 15 years.  (500 word minimum)

Topic:  Choose a retail cut of beef.  Explain what part of the animal it comes from.  What would be the best method to cook this cut of beef and why?

Junior {4H age as of Jan. 1, 2016} 9 through 12 years.  (250 word minimum)

Topic:  “Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner” is a promotional program created by the Beef Check Off.  What’s your favorite beef dinner?  Write to convince your friend to try your favorite beef dinner and explain how it is prepared.


Senior Essay Contest Winners for 2017

  • Alex Fusee – 1st Place
  • Ali Kelly – 2nd Place
  • Jennifer Murray – 3rd Place
  • Markus Gaffney – 4th Place

Intermediate Essay Contest Winners for 2017

  • Heather Berry – 1st Place
  • Aaron Kavanagh – 2nd Place

Junior Essay Contest Winners for 2017

  • Nicole Kavanagh – 1st Place
  • Billy Steely – 2nd Place