Reminder…Bring Donations and Semen Tank!

This is a reminder the Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Committee will be accepting donation items for the live and silent auction that will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Donated items should be brought to the show barn on Saturday morning.

Remember to bring your semen tank! We have 100 units of donated semen that will be sold through our auction.  Bring your tank and fill it with some new upcoming bulls or stay with a tried and true bull.  The choice is yours!  Listed below is the donated semen for auction:

  • 5 units Brass Knuckles
  • 5 units Head Hunter
  • 5 units Next Chapter
  • 5 units Huff & Puff
  • 5 units One in the Chamber
  • 10 units Lucy Boy
  • 10 units Chubbed Up
  • 10 units Strikin Gold
  • 10 units Blood Diamond
  • 5 units I-80
  • 5 units BPF Middleman
  • 5 units MWJ
  • 5 units Mind Bender
  • 10 units Mr. Misunderstood
  • 5 units Northern Exposure

Thank you very much to Brock Welshans, Lautner Farms, Matt Lautner, Dave Park, Pinnacle Sires, Top Sires, Kastel Show Cattle, Wade Rodgers and Gerald Green for donating semen and supporting the youth who raise and show cattle in the Thumb!