4H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Program By-Laws

(Revised March 2015) 



The 4H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Program (henceforth referred to as “TJBEP”) was organized in 1991.  Originally the program was established for the six counties in the Thumb of Michigan.  Oakland County became part of the program in 2006.  The purpose of the educational programs developed is to further education of youth enrolled in 4H and FFA beef projects throughout the seven counties of the Thumb of Michigan.  (Huron, Tuscola, Sanilac, Lapeer, St. Clair, Macomb and Oakland).


Organizational Structure

The TJBEP Organizing Committee (henceforth referred to as the “working committee”) is comprised of any individuals (from the seven counties of the Thumb), interested in furthering Beef Education by serving on the working committee to fulfill the program’s purpose.  The working committee will assess, plan, implement and evaluate all of the beef educational activities that are developed.  All members of the working committee must be a registered 4H volunteer.

The working committee will elect an Executive Committee Chairperson and each county will elect their Executive Committee Member representative and an alternate in January for a one year term.    The Executive Committee member must attend all meetings (maximum of one meeting excused in the prior year) and must be a registered 4H volunteer.  A county having no one attending enough meetings to be eligible to vote will go un-represented in that year.  The Executive Committee will make all final decisions pertaining to the operation of the TJBEP and related activities.  The Executive Committee will follow the direction of the overall working committee.  The Executive Committee will appoint officers, set up & appoint a chairperson of various committees, select a Vice Chairman,  Recording Secretary, Secretary/ Treasurer and assign duties. Committee assignments may include but are not limited to Scholarship, Awards, Contest, Auction, Program, and Education.



The TJBEP will have three meetings per year:  A planning activities/electing Executive Committee Members meeting in January, a planning, donation/advertising collection meeting in March and an entire program evaluation and planning meeting after the spring show but before the end of the year.  Also, the Executive Committee will meet prior to the show to determine the show premiums, approve the scholarship awards and any other business that needs attention prior to the show.  The Executive Committee may meet at other times on an as needed basis.


Education Programs

The education programs and their objectives sponsored by the TJBEP Organizing Committee are (but not limited to):


4H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Show

4H and FFA youth may enter purebred, crossbred steers and market heifers to be evaluated in weight classes.  The purebred and commercial heifer show features breeding stock project entries.  There are also 5 classes of showmanship for youth to enter in classes by their 4H age; 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-19.


The basic objectives that were established for the show are:

  • Provide a quality educational and learning experience for 4H and FFA members interested in the beef cattle industry and agriculture.
  • Provide worthwhile show ring and education experiences for 4H and FFA members in order to encourage participation in a county fair beef project.
  • Design the focus of the show and educational programs to promote practice for the individual member’s county fair and beef education experience.
  • Utilize a modified Jackpot Show format to encourage participation; balance competition and education.
  • Rotate the show among the seven counties of the Thumb to even out the workload and allow the show and education experiences to be “close to home” for 4H and FFA participants at least every seven years.
  • Hire a nationally known judge who has vast experience judging many local, state and national beef cattle shows to expose youth to various judging opinions.


Beef Project Education/Training Workshop & Related Activities

Beef Project education/training workshops and related activities are sponsored annually for 4H and FFA clubs as well as individual members.  The main objective of beef education is to enhance participation, improve skills, gain knowledge regarding their beef projects and expose youth to numerous career opportunities.


Scholarship Program

The main objective of the program is to reward 4H and FFA youth who have participated in the Thumb Jackpot Beef Show with a monetary scholarship to assist them in furthering their education.  The Thumb Jackpot Beef Scholarship Program is made possible through contributions to the Paul Delong Memorial Scholarship fund from Thumb Area businesses, farms, families, and individuals interested in supporting 4H and FFA youth who exhibit their steer and heifer projects in the annual Thumb Jackpot Beef Show.

In the event that the entire 4H & FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Program should be disband the working committee would make the recommendation as to holding and distribution of remaining funds.


Code of Conduct and Ethics

4-H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Programs are dedicated to providing high-quality, non-formal, educational opportunities that will help youth thrive in a complex and changing world.  Participation in 4-H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Programs is subject the observance of all program rules as well as the Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Programs 4H Code of Conduct.

4H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Program has adopted and subscribes to the International Association of Fair and Exhibitions (IAFE) National Code of Show Ring Ethics. The IAFE premise being that exhibitors of animals at livestock shows shall at all times deport themselves with honesty and good sportsmanship. Their conduct in this competitive environment shall always reflect the highest standards of honor and dignity in the advancement of agricultural education. All youth leaders working with junior exhibitors are under an affirmative responsibility to do more than avoid improper conduct or questionable acts. Their moral values must be so certain and positive that those younger and more pliable will be influenced by their fine example.



The 4H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Program By-Laws will remain in effect unless amended by a 2/3rds majority vote of the 4H and FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Program Organizing Committee.


4H & FFA Thumb Jackpot Beef Education Program By-Laws

Revised March 2015.


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